News: Everyone needs to register on TeamStuff and download app to your mobile phone. - I will now start to let people go from the clan who do not login to TeamSpeak when in game.
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World of Tank News
Is the Pz.Kpfw. S35 739 (f) in your garage a big help or a big waste of space? Tell us what you think in this Premium Tank Review Contest and you can win 1,000 Gold!
Published Apr 25, 2014
TeSL has acquired the rights to broadcast League Asia exclusively in 5 languages simultaneously. Are you ready for WGL Asia 2014?
Published Apr 25, 2014
You tank commanders sure know your tanks well. Let's see who won the Gold for this contest! Comments:
Published Apr 25, 2014
Please be informed that a micro update will be deployed on 26th April on the server to fix several issues pertaining to Update 9.0.
Published Apr 25, 2014
Slide shares his opinions on last episode's suggested Team Battle set-up. He's read the video comments too, and he's got answers for them! Comments:
Published Apr 24, 2014
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